So i need some help with alternate picking. I feel i am getting better very fast, i just started playing again about a month ago, after a long long break, and i sucked much ass before that break.

So now i just learned most of walk with me in hell - lamb of god. i only down pick i havent practice alternate picking at all. my fingers are going faster then my pick, i know i need to learn how to alternate pick. Does anyone have any pointers or good exercises.

Make a simple 16th note pattern and practice it to a metronome. Build up speed slowly, practice for a good half hour every day.
Practice. After about a week of doing what CowboyUp said you'll start pick alternately without thinkiing about it. But still do the metronome so you can still build up speed.

Also I dunno if this helps but practice songs by alternte picking or riffs like Sweet Child O' Mine. Or a riff of a similar idea. Or pick a few of your favourite licks (if you have any) and alternate pick them

I know I used to down pick 100% and since then my playing has been smoother and faster.
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Practice basic scales playing 8th notes, tapping your foot down when you pick down and pick up when your foot goes up, works great and helps you get snyced with the beat.
whenever your not playing your guitar, sit it in your lap, mute all the strings, then pluck each string using the , up down up down up down pattern over and over again, trust me it will enbed in your brain, and become natural
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I just alt. picked during my practice routine, and warm ups. You know like during my stretching exercises, scales, chromatics, ect...

That normally get my mind on track. Then when i play i don't have to think about it.

Really it doesn't take long to get in the habit. Just good old repetition.
Chromatic exercises and scales are good for picking up alternate picking, and working on speed. And check out some of the UG lessons on practice routines, and alike.