I downloaded the Violator album a couple of days ago and while I was already impressed by the singles the quality off the entire album blew me away and has garnered a spot in my list of the most sonicaly rich and powerful albums of all time. I Just Can't Get Enough is fun to dance too as well. Anyone else into Depeche Mode?
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i love depeche mode ... they're sweet

actually got into them because i listen to alot of synth-based instrumental stuff and my pandora just randomly played a song by them. i like alot of their newer stuff actually, one of their best songs is precious off playing the angel which just came out a couple of years ago
Just got back into this band.

They're great, can have some ridiculously dark stuff and then songs like "enjoy the silence" which is just nice and poppy and good to sing along with.
Violator is a classic, Music for the Masses is up there too, but not as consistent, every song ive heared off the new album is really classy stuff as well, think i need to invest
I'm bumping this because it is the most recent one that I found in a search, and I figured that it recent enough to bump.

I've been checking out some of their stuff lately. I really like the song "Enjoy the Silence", but I don't like the song "Personal Jesus". Do you think I would like Violator?