please help me. Ive been wanting to get a looping station/pedal for a while and i think i should get the blue one from ithink boss, it might be called the jamman. If you know what I'm talking about is it as good as they say or what is better?thx.
A Line 6 DL-4 Digital Delay Modulator! But I can only record for 12 seconds then it will loop. I've got one
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the rc20xl is a really good looper, as is the jamman. the cool thing about the jamman, too, is that you can upload samples onto it and save them in the harddrive of the looper. also, look into the electro harmonix 2880 with footswitch...it looks pretty crazy.
I've heard great things from the RC-50. Its huge though.

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I bought the RC-2. Great pedal, great price and its a nice little stomp box
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rc-2 is a great pedal I just bought it BUT!!!! I have noticed that if i put my tubescreamer through the signal path it starts cutting in and out.....maybe i should make a new thread about that