Hey, I've never actually written anything properly and my band are struggling for ideas lyrically so (As the guitarist who never helps with singing) I thought I'd try and help.
This is a song about emotions and referring to them as living things, it isn't anywhere near finished but I'd love some comments on it. Just to know if it's any good or if I'm on the right track or even if I should can it and go back to writing Riffs and Solos

Deep within, they hide,
Such a calm and tranquil front,
Grounded by hatred and fear
In which they abide.

Like knives they pierce you,
Desperate for extrication.
Only to be held captive,
With only you to pursue.

Drowning in these emotions,
So coarse and violent,
Darkness shattered in the night,
And we are reborn,
As we drift with the current,
Bathed in red light.

Crit for Crit of course.