I have Yamaha EG112 and im juicin it up, all i want to know is, "Can i put in Emg humbuckers, and a 3 tone switcher on it?"

If so how, I have Volume and Tone Dials, only 2, and i want to be able to switch that to four (2 for each humbucker), as well as replace my 5 switcher to a 3 so I can have even more control of the pickups.

My Pickups go like this: | | ||

and would i have to replace the pickgaurd to do all this? (as well as wiring)


EDIT: Basically i want to make a les paul out of my Yamaha lol
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sry im not in any way knowledgful about the insides or the terms...ull have to lower the vocabulary a little bit
If you're not up to speed on guitar vocabulary or terminology i suggest you leave your pickup change till you do a bit more research or get a pro to do it.
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No big deal. If you want to APPROXIMATE Les Paul tone, you will most likely need TWO humbucking sized pickups. The question is whether your guitar's body is already "carved out" to accomodate these. A body that is routed (carved) for "H-S-S" (no room for a humbucker in the neck) would need some work to make a HB fit in the neck position. So, can the Yahama body fit a humbucker in the neck position "as is"?