Hi everyone, I've been trying to do volume blooms on single sustained notes, and I have a problem: my tone crackles on/off when I turn the volume knob. My friend told me its because my amp isn't good enough, but it's not when I turn it high, it's whenever I turn it. Is this my amp problem? Or maybe my guitar's problem? Either way can I fix it?

Your guitar has dirty pots and you can get a kind of cleaner designed for electronics that should fix it.
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Yep, a non-residue aerosol cleaner.
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This is a simple problem of corrosion in whats called the "pot", the electrical mechanism of the volume knob. If the corrosion is light or moderate, then there are sprays you can get at either electronics supply stores or at something like guitar center that will take care of it (ask for pot cleaner, or something along those lines. they should know what you mean). The spray will only do so much, though, so if the corrosion is bad, then you'll need to replace the pot. A replacement pot shouldn't be more than a couple bucks or so, and it's not a difficult job if you know how to sodder wires. If not, a guitar store should be able to do it.
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Would this work on a crakly volume pot on an amp?

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^Yes, but as you said, it happens when you turn your guitar nob, just open the back and spray the silver round thingy (pot). There should be a hole in the pot for this. use electrical contact cleaner
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