One of my favourite grindcore bands in the last while. It's a one man project. He writes some really good stuff.

I don't know whether this should be in here or the metal forum but they seem to hate anything -core, and the thread might go to hell there, so it'll stay here for now.
I saw them/him on myspace awhile back. I refuse to listen just because of the name, there's something about that name that I strongly dislike.
You guys don't really seem to like the name? I think it's pretty funny. Did you guys listen to the new song, Bear In Mind?
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lol what's that supposed to mean? I dunno, to me it just seems alot(most)deathcore and grindcore bands lack morals. They just try to be the most "extreme" and offensive. I wish more bands would clean up their act. I'm just ranting I guess, I'll stop now.