Looking for just people to jam with - need some kinda grasp on music theory, just the basics. Maybe even looking to learn from peoples...as I've never jammed with people I really got into a groove with.
I play classic rock-styled stuff mostly. By this, I don't mean I only play classic rock. I mean that my style is rooted in the tradition of classic rock.

Looking for bassists, drummers, guitarists, whatever.
Oh, and my favorite bands are AC/DC, ZZ Top, Queen...but I listen to ALOT of different stuff from different eras.
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hey im gonna go to san diego state after i graduate from high school next year lol i been playin guitar for 7 or 8 years
How long have you been playing the guitar? Ive been playing a few years and I am new to the area. I am 18 just moved here from Maryland. I don't really have anyone to jam with and id be happy to show you what i know. Send me an e-mail at Dillan@cybot.com (I check my e-mail religiously).
Its more than ok John. This place is the nicest place in the world. You should take all the credit you can; it beats the living crap out of Fred-neck MD.

SD > The World
I used to work in Frederick MD and lived in DC, actually McClean, but its inside the beltway... Anyway, one day my friends were partying in San Diego at 4:00am and called me to chat and I was at work sweeping the shop floor. They talked me into telling my boss I had to leave work (it was 7:00 on the east coast), get in my car and move to San Diego. I did. That was 8 years ago.

Time flies amigo.
If my dad didn't live there, I probably would. :P It's definitely the nicest place I've ever lived, waaay better than Bakersfield. XD