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This thread will probably die because it's not about genitalia or drugs, but that's beside the point. Post pictures of your school.

Here's mine:

It's called Diamond Ranch. If you've seen Orange County, Serenity, The Cell, or Impostor, it should look familiar. They spent all the money on the stupid architecture, though. It'd be nice if they could keep us properly supplied instead.
I don't have enough time to take a picture of the entire MTSU campus.
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^ Damn that is some nice architecture. Would post pictures of my school but those pics make mine look like shit.
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^ Damn that is some nice architecture. Would post pictures of my school but those pics make mine look like shit.

noooo post pictures. it's not a competition!
Here is the best I could come up with

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Metal-X now sponsors: Blood Culprit!

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yep.. good old Mullum high

this building is busy being re frubished.. and we got new gardens and stuff.. but dang diamond ranch looks hot
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ha i would take a picture of my school(considering i can see it from my window, i live across the road) but i have no camera...its called lismore high school in lismore nsw feel free to google it..

Aaaahhh....Good old Westminster City School....The only picture on google lol.
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Modern School , New Delhi - the largest school in Delhi
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Holy cool schools guys lol
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Holy Shit to the first one

Part of USD:
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here's mine: Cottage Grove High School

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Well this is my ex-school.. I left, cos it's rubbish.

That's it on fire.. Beyond that, I can't find any pictures.

(Someone tried to burn it down a few months ago)
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Nemesis... was that Airdale high?

ill get some of sherburn soon

this is my stupid school in germany
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Purdue Univresity, West Lafayette, Indiana

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How come all your schools are nicer than mine?
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Wow... American schools are huge.

Here's one tiny image from google, the only one I could find. I'll take some proper pictures when my camera gets fixed and post them.

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my school sucks, 175 years old
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Best picture I could find.

And no, that picture isn't is naff-tastic.
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God damn you all and your posh schools.

I wouldn't call my college posh.

But then again, if crumbling brickwork that surrounds a dank cesspit of shit encrusted toilets and urinals along with a canteen that serves food that's been through about six people and one African elephant before you buy it is what you'd call posh then more power to you.
well here's mine : Secondary School nr 1 in Szczecin

yeah we call it Hogwarts cause our physics professor ( the principal ) talks so much hard to understand stuff in class that we actually consider the possibility of him creating the universe... too bad he got cancer
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This is one of my classrooms

The whole school

Another one of my classrooms

This is the Sciences building where you do your labs/research

And here's one of my other classes The hippy building (Designed to aid the environment)

I could keep going but that would take too long..
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That's the school tall/tower block, probably accounts for about 20 - 25% of the school.
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