hi am a guy from lanka, n just a newbie. just started on jan, n i always come here to get tabs.
im just wondering if i can make a request for anyone to make a tab for a song by stigmata. they a sri lankan rock band. http://www.stigmata.us/ is anyone willing to create tabs for one of thier songs please. its called andura. and i can give the mp3 to anyone whos willing. thanks
Well... I suck at tabbing, and have only tabbed out one song before... so my ear isn't too good... but after fiddling with it fora min or 2 to ME it sounds like (and most likely wrong) at the beginning:

d :|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
a :|-----2-4-2-----|-----2-4-2-----|-----2-4-2-----|-----2-4-2-----|
f :|---------------4--|------------4---|------------4----|-----------4----|
c :|9-9-------------|9-9-------------|5-5-------------|7-7-------------|
g :|9-9-------------|9-9-------------|5-5-------------|7-7-------------|
c :|9-9-------------|9-9-------------|5-5-------------|7-7-------------|

It could be played in regular tuning.. I just keep my guitar tuned this way...
If that sounds even remotely right to you.. then let me know and I will TRY and tab the rest of the song...
hey man, thanks for that, thats as far as i cud do by myself too. if u could do the rest that would be great. i know a lot of peopel wanting tabs for this song. thanks again
Okay, I gotta go out with my girlfriend all day today, when i get home tonight I'll start working on it.
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umm does anyone has the guitar tabs to rj helton-missing me?

i'm looking for that tab too! i wanna learn that song REALLY REALLY BAD. can someone please tab it?