Its needs a lot of work. But keep at it.
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your you tube site says your 13??? No offense but you look 8. But I give you mad props for being that good after 4 months. And for recording yourself. Good job young padawan. Keep up the good work.
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Since your only 13 and have been playing for 4 months, i wont grill you. It does need a lot of work, its not the hardest riff to play and it contains only power chords. You should really try alternate picking, its best to get it down at an early stage because it will help you alot in the future, also when your playing the chords - make sure your only hitting the strings that need to be hit and not all 6. Keep it up though, in a few months you'll look back on that song and laugh.
Ahhhh, your so cute!

To be honest it wasn't that good but ofcourse you can't expect that from someone only playing 4 months! Keep at it, I'm sure that if you practise hard you will be able to play this song better than Tom in a few months .
Try to strum not that hard when playing the chords, it makes it messy and also try to hold your fingers longer on the frets when playing the riff it will stop making it sound so bumpy, you know what I mean?
to be honest a full cover is awesome for a new guy. I only learned parts of songs when i first started. You did a good job. Keep practicing and it can only look up
hey guy, not great, but ur just starting, at least your trying, keep on rocking man, and it was funny just not hearing the line do you hear he f*cked her ha cute
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He can play better and sing better than tom and he's 13 to go with it. legend

yeah....theres a difference from being nice and blatanly lying....

anyway, kid you're playing powerchords completely wrong

i suggest you get lessons instead of teaching yourself, you will be way better
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as other people have said it wasn't great but u've been playin for 4 months so ur only a young whipper snapper..i got alot of respect for u recording urself and puttin it on here. I'm glad for gettin tips on improvement cus in the long run they will help you..You amight wanna look at some of the online lessons on here.
I leave the comment at the youtube page. Check this site: www.guitarbt.com for backing tracks.
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illl start doing palm muting its jus in my lessons i dont lern songs im still elrning theory lol so i dunno how to palm mute
Quote by Rory's_strat
He can play better and sing better than tom and he's 13 to go with it. legend

Its Mark.. Pst :P
Well anyways it really wasn't that bad. This was my first full song also. Keep it rawking
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