Which do you prefer to live in? Or want to live in?

Small town? Big city? Country side? Suburbs? By the ocean?

As a kid, I'd always fantasized about where'd I'd like to live when I got older, and there's town not far from here.

Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, I'd always liked it, and during the summers, it gets so relaxing and beautiful. Especially in the evenings. The only downfall it has is that the nearest guitar store is about 4 hours away in Saskatoon. However, I'm not so dependent on it anyway, I just like to hang out usually.

Most people will probably think this is gay, but who cares?
Me & my girlfriend would like to live in London, but like.. on the edge of a big town? Like.. just outside somewhere like Notting Hill or Hamstead Heath, in a big house with a big wooden door.

A balcony would be perfect too.
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Either on small island on the St. Lawrence river or In a small apartment in Boston.
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.
I just went on a holiday to the Gold Coast in Australia and it was like heaven. So anywhere in the gold coast.
Anywhere other than England. Me and my beloved reckon this country will be under Sharia law in about 10 years...
if i was really rich i would buy a small island and build a big house and stuff there and a speed boat to get to the mainland fast
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I live in London and i HATE it. It actually sickens me to see people living so extravegantly then just down the road there's a council estate where people are clearly struggling. I hate capitalism, and I work in the city and I hate myself for it. I'm one of those horrible people who can't start the day without her mocha latte with whipped cream and skinny blueberry muffin from ****ing starbucks. GRRRRR. I want to live in a little town or city. I LOVE bristol but atm can't afford to move there. Or i'd live by the sea or in finland somewhere really calming and away from shallow businesspeople that i'm crammed on a train with every day, who knock into me and make me spill my mocha latte with whipped cream.
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Anywhere other than England. Me and my beloved reckon this country will be under Sharia law in about 10 years...


However I rekon it'll get to the point where the mainstream Christian society will be like wtf no... **** off.. and then a big war will proceed.

Either way a nice neutral country like canada ftw.
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Anywhere other than England. Me and my beloved reckon this country will be under Sharia law in about 10 years...

Then you're a closed minded moron who knows nothing about human behaviour.

The country will never let that happen.

Anyways, I plan on moving to London this year. Outskirts at first. In the future? Who knows.
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laguna beach california, its nothing like the show. its incredible. like a village type place, small town, w/e, but right on the beach
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but who cares?


I really enjoy living where I do right now (my house and property), but it's much too close to the road for my liking. I love British Columbia in the mountains, and Algonquin Park (a beautiful provincial park about 5 hours north of me). I don't need anything fancy; I just want something natural, something beautiful

oh, and New Zealand looks amazing too!
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The Suburbs of a nice city, somewhere where i could commute to my job and have a big house to raise my kids.
A city. I intend to see the world and decide on which one while I'm travelling.

I'm getting the hell out of England though. I'll probably end up somewhere English speakign though, most likely Canada.