hey there, i think i've become a bit crappier lately....

i've been working on satch boogie for a few months, but am being very picky and arent progressing and playing the same few passages over and over each day.... i dont wanna quit this song... so hopefully my guitar teacher can chime in and help me next week.

I guess i could do with some accuracy exercises, and some sweeps.

I've been not ancoring my picking hand for about 4 months now and am floating it. Its made my picking a bit dodgey, espescially when playing steve morse's 'personal picking exercise' (its an arpeggio based piece in triplets and its an exercise where you alternate pick everything and eventually work to playing it flat out... hahaha, i have trouble with the last two triplets, but it'll get there.)

So is floating ya picking hand the way to go? i'm playing a floyd rose equiped guitar, and i hear ancoring is a bad habit.

I've also noticed my thumb on my fretting hand becoming a bitch... i cheated on some classical pieces over a year ago and used my thumb to get the bass notes... and it seems to have a habbit of sticking up above the rear of the neck when holding some chords and reaching different notes on the fret board. Say in a sweep my thumb will move at some stage... thus slowing me down.

Any tips or help appreciated, i've been playing a few years and am getting quite good, but with a few issues.
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