I have the Crunchtone (overdrive) and Constrictor (compressor), and I'm pretty happy with them. They're much more versatile than most of the competition, that's for sure. The module switching idea is also neat if you have a number of modules but won't be using them all at the same time.

The Über Metal in particular seems to be widely considered one of the best high-gain distortion pedals out there. I'd suggest you simply try it out and see if you like the sounds.
Everyone hs their own opinion, but the Space Chorus I have is utter garbage. The thing didn't even turn on for me and the "1985-like space sounds" were nowhere to be found.
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Try to find someone who deals Line 6 and just try them out. You're gonna get a mixed reaction with any brand. Only you can really deciede what is good.
some of the pedals are great, the delay is one of the best. i'm thinking it's the delay.
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