A few weeks ago i purchased a crafter D8, really liked the sound and feel of it, the shop recomended d'adrio strings ej16 gauge 12 phosphor/bronze, they said that they were the ones that came fitted with it. Anyway when i broke the high e string i decidided to change the whole set, but with the new strings it sounds really tinny adn crap, which is strange because they worked really well on a borrowed acoustic i've played on. The ones on it were more a more yellow/gold colour the new ones have an orange/gold colour.

Does anyone know any good strings for a crafter guitar?

If they're more yellow/gold and not as bright then it would genrally mean that they're older and more worn. Phophour bronze strings are a more orange colour when they're new. I used to use those exact strings on my acoustics but in a 13 and they were ver nice strings. I switched to Dean Markley's recently and found them to be just as good and cheaper. But I can't imagine why new strings would sound tinny and crap, even average quality new strings sound good. Maybe youre just not used to the sound of new strings?
I have a feeling they might have been a dud set as i've liked the sound of them on other guitars. Anthoher thing i observed is that i got a black deposit on my fingers when i played them, I havn't had that before.