in bold=scream lyrics

Whydon't you take it all~
Take it all away.
Rip it from the seams,
Discard by all means,
Take it all away,
Away from Me~

you know i'll get it back~
Get it all back one day.
In it's rightful place,
wipe that grin off your face,
Take it all back,
Back to ME~

I miss it so much i have become,
Insomniac, my mind is numb.
I cannot hide, i cannot run.
Waiting for some clarity,
To show you what you mean to me.
What can you see, what can i be?

Your trust is an arrow,
impaled right throught he heart.
Fired from the bow,
Of two worlds apart~
You see right through me

Take it all away, take it all away, GO! x2

Why Don't you take it all?
Make me fall to pieces.
Crush my dignity,
encourage my insanity
trample all over me,
Why don't yopu take it~

You Know i'll get it back,
Sooner than you think.
All the **** you said,
To mess with my head,
And all the lies i bled,

I wanted to know, how hard you try?
Believed you so much, my conscience died.
No one answers my silent cries,
Deprived me of this life of mine,
Abused me till my sun don't shine,
I still crawl back, every time,


Take it all away, take it alla way go!

No longer can you tell me what to do.
I just take a good look at you.
Look at what you've done to me,
Look at what you took from me~
Stole from me,
under my nose
trampled me
under your toes
assaulted me
does it show?
why you did it
no-one know.

tested me,
was i good enough?
Neglected me
In the dark!
I never dreamed
It would go so far,
We could get to here,
And shed so many tears.


Take it all away take it all away, GO! x2
I cannot see, Why you will not GO!
Take it all away, take it all away GO!

guitar solo