As I don't know much about acoustics yet, I was hoping some of you wizards here can give me your opinion. I'm doubting between a few guitars right now. Their specs are listed here, with the price I would have to pay for them here in Europe:

1) Ibanez AEL 40 SE - €405 , I liked it in the store. I was told it also sounds very good without plugging it in because of its body size and shape. Do you agree and is it a big difference compared to the AW series?
Specs: Solid Spruce Top/flamed sycamore back&sides/B-Band UST pickup/Ibanez SRTn PreAmp

2)Ibanez AW 90 ECE -- €422
I tested the AW40ECE in the store and liked it a lot. After looking online I saw the 90:
Specs:= Solid Spruce Top/Walnut back&sides/Fishman Sonicore/Ibanez SST PreAmp
I also noticed the AW800 - €510, with Solid Engelmann top and SOLID Mahogany sides and 2xB-Band electronics. This one is about 100€ more expensive tho...is this worth the money?

3)Yamaha FGX720 SC - 405€
Unfortunately the Yamaha website isn't as good as the Ibanez one, so I didn't find any information about the pickup or electronics inside.
Specs: Solid Sitka Spruce Top/Sycamore sides&back

Having a sitka spruce sounds very cool, but maybe this isn't all I should be focused on, so spread your wisdom! Thanks in advance.
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Yamaha guitars are the best you're going to find in that price range, go with that. Ibanez makes some great electric guitars but I wouldn't ever recommend one of their acoustics.
One of the ppl in the store where I went to test the AW40ECE told me the opposite :-)
But the main choice is here: shall I go for yamaha(meaning Sitka Spruce) or AW90(maybe other stuff is better here?), or dig even deeper into the wallet and take AW800 and is this worth it?
..:: For all the freAky people!!! ::..
Yamaha acoustics are the shiznit. I tried Ibanez and Yamaha and the Yamaha came out on top, hands down. Hell, every Yamaha I tried was fantastic, Ibanez are nice but as said before... they should stick to electric, though their Artcore semi's are nice.

I have a Yamaha FG730 sat right next to me now, and a review of it up on the main site... that's my choice, though. Go, try them and pick which one suits you.
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Either the Yamaha FGX720SC or the Ibanez AW800.
But seeing as to get the Ibanez it costs an extra 105. I would suggest the Yamaha.
They, in my opinion make the best guitars in the lower price range. Buy an Ibanez if your buying an electric guitar.