I need a good Song Thats Dead Heavy And not too hard .. At about an intermediate level..

Its for tonight so i need major replys guys!!

Thx for any help!!

Try some All Shall Perish. Beautiful guitar work although it depends just how good you are and if you can sweep pick. If not go for some BDM, ABRB, I Killed The Prom Queen, etc.
The Black Dahlia Murder, Darkest Hour, Misery Signals, August Burns Red, and the Agony Scene are pretty good. AILD arent too hard to learn either if you cant get your hands on any of the other bands I recommended.

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Try some All Shall Perish.

I wouldnt call them intermediate....
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The agony scene - Procession.

If you can't find a tab, I wouldn't be surprised if you can't work it out yourself. It's piss easy.