Hey guys,

I play in a church worship band, and I am looking for a good combo amp under 500. I am currently using a Vox AD-30, and while it's got a nice sound, it's not quite enough, and I am having some issues with the clean channels breaking up, I probably overdid it one day.

Anyhow, I am looking for something versatile - I need a *great* clean sound, but I also want some overdrive/distortion. I don't need screaming metal, but we do a couple songs with full out distortion.

I've been looking at something like this:


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


or if you can push


I dunno bout the fallen angel...I know it has nicer distortion the vox but the vox has better cleans i think...someone else will clarify this

The bigger wattage might stop your cleans braking up thats why I put them up.

EDIT: http://www.activemusician.com/item--HS.VC15-110?ref=fg&ovchn=SCU&ovtac=CMP&ovcpn=Guitar+%3E+Amplifiers+%3E+Combo+Amps&ovcrn=Laney+VC15-110+15+Watt+Guitar+Tube+Combo+Amplifier

yeah what the guy said below me to. 15 watts would do you fine. all these are decent amps though whatever you go with you should be happy :P
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For $500, you should be able to get a nice tube combo, around 15-30 watts should do you fine.
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You could find a wide variety of quality all tube amps in the 30-50W range if you look used. You'd get a better amp that way.
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Possibly a Line 6, they are a good make!
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