So i would like to hear your opinion about these guitars (Esp Ltd MH-250 and Ibanez RG350DX) and which one would you buy. I have played for 3 years(1 year seriously) and i now have Tokai strat. So hit me You can also tell me some other good guitars
IMO, Ibanez. The singlecoil means more tone, and you get a bridge that isnt crap.
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isnt the edge 3 total crap?
and by more tone, i think you mean more versatility in tone.
the only thing i can think of is that you might want to shell out for a more expensive guitar with a better bridge cos cheap FRs just give you a massive headache, and that the LTD has an agathis body, which isnt too good
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well if what ya'll are saying about the Ege III and LFR are true then both trems blow. but aside from that. you can split the coils on the LTD. so you get a little more versitility there. and i personaly don't like the look of pickguards. id go with the LTD
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