hi everyone, i used to play with a pick on electrics but since i've always found it a bit glassy sounding and not fat enough i've crossed over too fingerpicking.
now the problem is, there are 2 guitars i use most of the time.
an ibanez rg1550 with emg85 in the bridge and a dean custom 450 with an emghz-4a in the bridge(pretty much a passive version of the 85).

and now i want to take out the pickups on the dean since they are decent but not good enough by far.

so what would be a pickup usefull for fingerpicking, and by that i mean a good clear pickup with a tight bass and fat highs. i also use a fair bit of harmonics so it has to be good at that too. no real style preference since i play anything from rock to jazz to flamengo but i like a bit of growl in my sound.

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