I want some composition software. Im getting sibelius 4 soonishly but want something simple so i can improve my understanding of using notation. So are there any free composition software i can download off the internet? A guitar one would be nice but maybe one with a few instruments.

not that i know of no....if i were you i would wait untill you get sibelius 4.....and n e that you do find for free will just be demos and therefore will be near enough shyte.....i have sibelius 3 and its really good......and i have used sibelius 4 at school and thats even better...so yeah just wait till u get it
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Fruity loops XXL studio is really good software, i personally like it alot. but y'know downloading software via p2p is bad mmm'kay? i don't recommend it all *hint hint, wink wink*
Sibelius over Finale.
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