I’ve been playing for about a year now, and a couple of months after I first started I got my first electric guitar. I have read a lot of advice on how you should analyze the market, test the gear carefully and really take as much time as you can when choosing a guitar, and I read a lot of your Lessons and various topics on the matter before I made the purchase. Long story short, I went and bought a Kelly I’d never tried before because it looked cool and I could actually afford it.

So as you may have figured out by now I got a JS30 Ke Kelly for about $450, and even though getting a guitar like that was a very reckless thing to do, I am quite pleased by my purchase to say the least. Let’s get this straight, I love my guitar, but I am starting to feel like it’s time for me to upgrade my old flame. I recently got a new Randall amp (I know how you should focus on the amp rather than the guitar, so I got the most expensive model I could afford at the time, a RG75D) and I am now setting my sights towards a new guitar to plug in it.

Let’s get down to business shall we? I am looking for a guitar suitable for playing extreme metal (Slayer, Pantera), with a tremolo bar and a body shape that I am comfortable with (vain, I know, but I am kind of a perfectionist like that). I am willing to spend quite a bit more than I have done with previous gear, but only to a certain point (I am not rich, you know). I guess around $1250 will be absolute tops, I guess.

I don’t really care about the manufacturer, as long as I can get it here in Sweden, but body shapes I am concerned with. I would like to get a guitar that looked something like a Razorback, a Kelly or similar model (you get the drift, Explorer- or Firebird-like, perhaps with some metal touches).

Hope I wasn’t too precise!
have you chekced out thomann for ESP's LTD400 series? they are some mean guitars, you might even be able to afford an LTD Deluxe series with an OFR like an M1000 or something.