are these strings alright on a mexican fender strat. I using standard ernie ball right now, but i want a thicker bottom set. So would fit on alright?
be more specific about guages....Im not sure if there are other sizes, but their website shows the 10-13-17-30-42-52 package, which would work fine on the strat. i think thats what im using on my old mex strat. Put em on and try it out. If it sounds funky and doesnt play right the guitar may need setup for the slightly heavier strings, but for these strings that shouldn't hapen. I didnt need to re setup from factory till I hit 11s :-)


hope this helps.
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I went from a standard extra light set (traditional .09-.42) to the light top heavy bottom on my PRS and it had zero effect on the playability, although, in the end, it didn't make a whole lot of difference. If you want a heavier sound, you might as well go to a heavier gauge overall.
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they should fit alright. I used them on a PRS copy and a Schecter C-1 without any trouble. I like them, and will probably use them again in the future. they sound good.