Just fishing here. Trying to sell a Schecter C-1 Plus with a Floyd Rose. This is super rare. They only made this exact model in 2002. This was a Diamond Series guitar when it first came out and it came with the Floyd Rose on it. After that year it became a regular issue guitar for Schecter but they removed the Floyd Roses from them and just called them the Schecter C-1 Plus.

Here's the current version on Musician's Friend for 550 new.

This guitar is exactly the same except it has the Floyd Rose. It's the Black Cherry color although it doesn't look purple at all like that picture on the site. It's definitely dark red. It's a gorgeous guitar. You might not be able to see it in the low quality pictures, but the Vector inlays are Pearloid on top with Abalone inlays peaking out from underneath. It's pretty nice! Oh and the whammy bar is in the case. Just don't have it on the guitar. It also has Duncan pickups.

This guitar is in 100% MINT condition. It's rarely ever been out of its case. My fiance just doesn't play it much because she doesn't like a Floyd Rose. She wants to get something different that she'll be inclined to play more often.
Setup is great on this already. Everything works perfectly. I love this guitar. It's so easy to play! It sounds quite amazing too and you can get a huge variety of tones out of this thing.

So here are the pictures of the actual guitar. I took it out of the case and tested everything out just to be sure it was still in perfect shape. Tuned it up etc... Everything works great.
You can NOT find this thing for sale anywhere. Not even on ebay. All you can find are the C-1 Plus without Floyd Rose. This guitar is fairly rare at this point.

I'm asking $550. Same price as listed on the newer, non-diamond series, non-FR models.

For security purposes I can list this on Ebay for you to buy at this price whenever you decide you want it and that way we'll both be protected in the transfer I have about 70positive feedback on ebay and 0 negatives. Thanks for looking!
Good deal, someone snatch it up!!! wish I could have gotten my classic with a tremolo...only downfall of my get R
I'm hungry.
are you willing to trade for the string thru version? if so pm me.
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and as soon as it ships
from Musiciansfriend a EH Metal Muff
Very nice. Unfortunately I only have about $180 and I intend on getting my friend a roland cube 15 for his birthday in June. Sorry, don't have cash to spend.

Good luck.
Last chance to get a shot at grabbing this guitar. I have 4 people making offers on it currently. It's also been listed on a couple of other sites now. Please let me know asap before it's gone.
Taking 525 for this. That's the lowest I'll go. I have tons of offers but 525 is the bottom line. It's worth more than that.
Hey bud. What color is the s-1 elite and does it have the coil tap? Also what kind of condition is it in. How old, etc...

If I'm going to do a trade, I'd really like to just trade straight up for a Schecter C-1 Plus without the FR but I might consider other offers as well.
Do these guitars come stock with Floyd Rose?
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Nope. This is the only year you could get this guitar with a floyd rose. They don't make these any more. Read all of my first post and it explains it fully.
Looks very nice, I wish I could afford it. I've been thinking about getting a Schecter for myu next guitar, and maybe this model. Don't have money now, but I'll look into it later on EBay or something (if I can find it).

Just one more question:
In your middle picture, it kind of looks like the right side is flamed, and the left is not. Is this on purpose, or did they just not bookmatch it? Or is it just an effect from poor lighting?
Peavey HP Signature EXP (SH4 JB/ SH2 Jazz)
Jackson DK2M
Fender MIM Stratocaster HSS
Fender MiM Telecaster

EVH 5150 III w/ EVH 2x12 cab
Peavey Vypyr Tube 60
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Boss ME-50; NS-2; RV-5; BF-3
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No it all matches. I don't know why it looks like that in the picture.