may be a stupid question -

i have an effects loop on my marshal mg 250, fx send and a fx return.

Someone told me i should connect my pedals inbetween these two send and the return.

I did this and i get a delay; for example if i just strum an a chord, i hear the a chord, followed by applied distortion

It seems to sound much better if i just plug my pedals inbetween my guitar and my amp. Is there any danger here?

Whats the proper way to hook them up; and if its to the effects loop of the amp, what did i do wrong (why did i get the delay)?

Thx again,

i dunno about that delay problem, but your ok with putting the pedals between amp and guitar. most guitarists do, so dont worry.

btw, what pedals do u have?
Ibanez K7
JCM 800