Would you give up your primary(favorite)guitar brand for another brand?
If a unheard of guitar company offers you a huge deal to make the switch would ya.
By the way, the guitars are not that great,not horrible,just not that great.
One, I am the hottest guitarist in the world. All the rest of them are ugly.

Secondly... I think that guitars are guitars. Brands aren't guitars. They're brands.
id cut them a deal where i had a hand in making my custom model, so the guitar would be that great, at least to me.
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Personally, I love lower model SG's Like The Epiphone Ones or, Low Model Strat's Why? Because when you buy expensive you have to worry about something with SG's And Strats and some Tele's smash bang who gives a shit you know?
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Although, I don't advise it.
like untitled said.
I will endorse Fender or Suhr. Maybe Ibanez or Gibson. But more likely Fender or Suhr.
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I'd endorse any brand, just as long as they make a custom guitar to my specs/liking
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If I'd designed a guitar myself and made the shape famous, I'd let pretty much any manufacterer build it under license, provided they made a quality instrument. Or I might put my own name on the headstock, and just have a well known factory handle the manufacturing only.

EG, the name on the Headstock is Zaretti, but it's actually made by Fender Japan, that kind of thing.
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I wouldn't endorse.

I would hate to feel trapped and like unable to play another guitar if I fell in love with it. I play the guitars I love and that's when I'll play best. Be it Fender, Gibson, Ibanez et al. If I fell in love that's all that matters.
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I'd never change brand for money or anything. But if I was endorsed, if I found another guitar from a different brand I liked, I'd use it in the studio. Also, I will be the hottest guitars in 15 years.
it all depends, sound quality is was important, plus if they will work with me on making a custom guitar, i would endorse them, but like i said, sound quality is whats important
I would switch up for money, i can enjoy any guitar good or terrible, it might not be the best, but its still a guitar, and money is money, being able to play all i wanted and not have to work..
If it was Jackson or Vigier..
I'd endores.
I'd pass...
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I think it would depend on how I'm making my money. If I'm the hottest guitar player but still playing the club scene then hell yes I endorse whoever pays the most.

If I'm making millions as a rock star then I'd be less likely to endorse anything, preferring to stick with what made me.
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Well, being the hottest guitarist... I would never switch from Fender, nothing else feels right.
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Id endorse the guitars I like, but then id stick with them.
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