Hey everyone, I have a mesa boogie rectoverb 1x12 combo amp and was wanting to know how to hook up a 2x12 extension cabinet to it.

On the back of my amp theres 3 outlets 8ohm(combo speaker), 4 ohm and another 4ohm(2x8ohm speakers).

Now I don't know a thing about ohms and what not and not sure which one I should plug the 2x12 cab into and if I should move the combo speaker to one of the 4ohms so both speakers would be plugged into 4 ohms or leave the combo speaker plugged into 8ohms and plug the cab into 4 ohms.

Thank you in advance.
erm, do you realy need a cab? Seriously, Boogies are bloody loud, but if you do need a cab, look on the back and it will say what ohm to use. For example on the back of my lney cab it says, 8 ohm input. the cab you buy will tell you what to plug into.

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Yeah, make sure the cab is 8ohms (you'll get away with a 16ohm one if you want. The total of all the speakers would be 5.3ohm, only 1.3ohms more than the amp is expecting. Shouldn't affect too much) and plug the internal speaker plug and the one from the cab into each 4ohm output.
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