I currently own a Behringer EQ as I was in dire need of one. It was only £10 so I went for it...

however I now have enough money to buy a better EQ, like the boss version.

Would it be a wise move to purchase a better EQ now I have the money? Or do EQ pedals not really differ enough to warrant buying a new one.

Would say the Boss EQ improve my tone alot more than my cheap as chips Behringer one? or is it just not worth it?

EDIT: I have another question, so thought I'd post here to as opposed to another thread.

I've also been contemplating buying a delay pedal as they seem quite popular, but what sort of music could I use them in, is delay sort of just like a little luxury to add to your sound to improve it in certain parts?

I've not really had any experience with delay...
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The Danelectro one is awesome for the price. The Behringer EQ pedal's bypass is horible, MAJOR tone sucker. It also creates a lot of hiss...

THe BOSS one would be a huge improvement.
get the danelectro. It sounds about the same as the boss, and eventhough its in a plastic casing, its pretty tough (i stomp on it and it hasnt broke yet) and it creates very little noise.
So definately worth me spending the money? I wouldn't do better to put it towards something else?
no. $29 for a dano eq is a good investment IMHO. Maybe check out BBE sonic maximizers if you want to help your tone a little more, but get a new eq first.
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Okay so what would I do best to spend my money on? a better EQ or a delay?

eq ... its alot cheaper ... then save up a bit for the delay
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i have the MXR 6 band.
it has 18dB boost in 6 channels =]
little hiss but i don't care bout it
ima buy a gate soon
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Dude, the Dano is amazing for the price. I would say its definatley worth spending the money to upgrade, but since you have enough to buy the Boss, get the Dano and save the rest to go towards another pedal that you want. Just my two cents.
ah yeah I just assumed that all EQ pedals pretty much sounded the same...but I suppose not

I'll invest in a good EQ then