Black Ibanez GSR200.
Coffin case with red interior.
Dickies strap included.
No issues with the bass or the case what so ever. The bass just has TWO small dings on it. Plays awsome, smooth neck thats fast.
Bought the bass in Auguest but didn't play it much because im in college now. The case is only 4 months old. Money order or cash to U.S. only. I pay shipping if you send on that $200 to me

Sorry I do not have any pictures with the case.

I also have a Boss Bass Eq for $50 shipped.

Reply here first then PM me to keep things fair. That way I know who wanted it first. IM me at Hovi PB87 if you want.

^ dude- resale on guitars sucks

you usually cut the price byt a quarter- if not half ,right when you leave the shop. 150 shipped with a case would be what you would expect to sell it for- and even that isnt a great deal
were not trying to ruin your sale. but dont try and trick a person who doesnt know a lot about guitars or basses into buying one. and by you cursing at us wont make you sell it.
its still a rip off... closed for so (hey, it is against the rules! You can buy one new from guitar center WITH CASE!!! for 200.)

and warned for the remarks you made that were extravagant and unnecessary.
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