I have an effect on my small practice amp (Berhinger 110 Ultraroc) called pitch shifter and its sounds effin raunchy, i want this effect on my show rig, anyone know where to buy a pedal for it or which effects pedal has it??
it sounds like the normal sound of the note played with he same note an octave lower played at the same time, but its the exact same frequency, makes metal sound like it from satans's own axe
you pretty much got it. it's an effect that takes the original pitch of your signal and shifts it up or down incrementally. the best pitch shifting effects are polyphonic (can track and pitch shift multiple notes without sounding like mush), so look into boss' PS-5.
Also look into the Digitech Whammy. It's a combination pitch shifter and octaver with a built-in expression pedal.
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