My other thread is going to be deleted don't worry but i'm guessin gthis needs a thread cos the other one is about somehting else.

Anyway I know where to buy and I know what speaker and power amp and stuff i'm buying but I'm confused. I cant seem to find what all the wiring diagram symbols mean, i can figure out what the speaker, power and and wires are but the other things i can find anywhere i've looked on google and nothin helpful comes up, the diagram i'm using is:

This one.

Anyway this thread is also going to be used for the process of doing this amp (doesnt look like it'll take ages) so i also need to find out, is the building of this amp anything other than soldering wires to other wires/parts?

And for a last thing I thought about building a mini Head and cab when i have got used to building these 'combos' I am aware the smokey amps can be used as heads so i guess the head wont be much different but i was thinking about using the same mini speaker as i was using for the 'combo' to make a cab by using 4 or more of these mini speakers, is this possible? (The mini speaker is available in 8ohm or 16ohm)
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To your second point, yeah just make sure you connect the right pins on the IC to the right part. If you look for a white mark or an indent on the IC, start counting anticlockwise to get the pin numbers. so mach the 1st pin anticlockwise to the thing labeled 1 on the schematic
Ok thanks a hella lot supergerbil but (You may think I'm a retrad but i'm no electrician) Grounding the wires is doing what? >_<

Also is this speaker good enough for it? http://www.rapidonline.com/productinfo.aspx?tier1=Electrical+%26+Power&tier2=PA+%26+Audio+%2f+Video&tier3=Loudspeakers&tier4=Miniature+loudspeaker&moduleno=30207
To be honest you're asking in the wrong place - what you want is basic electronics knowledge...you'd be better off investigating some forums that relate to that if you're completely new to the whole field. Familiarise yourself with the basics and find out what all the stuff your going to be using actually does.
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Generally speaking, take all the ground points, connect them together, then connect them to the ground lug of the input or output jack. Take the power supply (i.e. battery) and connect it to the ground lug as well.
I know very basics.
Like how to solder and basic wiring diagram symbols its just some of the lingo i'm unfamiliar with.

EDIT: Thank you once again supergerbil!!! So basically solder all the things like it has in the diagram then solder all the ground wires toghether?
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Just solder them all together, as long as every ground in the circuit is connected, you're fine.
Thanks a lot I have to say, I'm pretty sure you're the most helpful person on UG.
This project will probably be up and running in a couple of weeks so if you want to check it out keep looking I'm going to try to experiment with a few things once I've got the basic smokey amp thing down.
Here's some basic pedal building info to get you started...Also...You waited about an hour to get some response on your topic. An hour. And you triple posted. I'd say that's getting a little impatient, wouldn't you? Waiting the rest of the day wouldn't have hurt, you know. Thern maybe I would've stumbled by, or some one else who knew something about it.
On the idea of using 4 mini speaker for a combo...to be honest, I'd say just buy one nice small speaker that's actually good, and actually meant for guitars.
tedweber.com has a nice 6" speaker. And that's an actual guitar speaker, it'll be able to handle the guitar's frequency better than any old stereo speakers...
+1 for the Weber. That one you linked too will likely sound like ass.
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Sorry I was just getting anoyed with google my mum and my sister which made me twice as impatient. . .I am a very impatient person, it won't happen again.
Also I'll use a proper speaker once I've got some practice down cos I'd prefer to screw up on a 47p speaker than a £47 speaker [May not be actual prices].
Instead of the current IC. get a different one. I PMed you the correct IC

EDIT: Nothing wrong with current one, but that one will be alot better
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^What'd you send him?
The little amps on here are nicer than the others, and use largely the same parts.
I'm not very active here on UG currently.
I'm a retired Supermod off to the greener pastures of the real world.
Instead of this IC, I suggested one closer to the origanal one, an LM386N-1, the origanal being a JRC 386D
The speaker I mean.
I'm not very active here on UG currently.
I'm a retired Supermod off to the greener pastures of the real world.
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ah ok... wow so that is a ridiculously simple amp... even more simple than the little gem

Hence the reason I'm building it
With more experiance i'll go onto more complicated things.
you stole my idea!. . .umm ok not mine cos itsa already been done but yeah >_>

Anyway the point of this post:
After my simple first smokey (using the diagram i posted) i'm thinking of doing things like different sounding ones with different knobs if thats possible also a bassist i know wants a mini bass amp would i have to change it at all to make it work for a bass?

I heard someone saying they gave a smokey/little gem a 'fenderbassman' mod to make it sound cleaner, so i imagine you can do other sound changing things to it.
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you stole my idea!
Hmm... I thought I gave you that idea, you wanted to mod your micro marshall!

Anyway, I will look for changes to make it a bass.
I asked about doing that, actually...Let me go look back at where I asked...
Yeah, I emailed the guy at runoffgroove.com himself...he said:
For a bass guitar, volume will be the main obstacle. You could modify Ruby to use for bass, but the ouput volume will not be very strong. If you choose to try Ruby modified for a bass, try doubling the values of the input and output capacitors. This should give you a good start.
It's really just an issue of wattage available. Basses typically need 2X or more wattage than a guitar to seem equally loud. You may try using the bridged version of the Little Gem. You can add the Ruby input section and double the caps through the audio path to tune the circuit for bass. Be aware that circuit will drain batteries very quickly!

If you can live with fairly low volume, just tune Ruby for bass and ask the guitarist to turn down a little.
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Hmm... I thought I gave you that idea, you wanted to mod your micro marshall!

Anyway, I will look for changes to make it a bass.

Read on, I state it wasnt actually my idea

And thanks for that info Azrael, but i shouldnt need that stuff for now i'll just haev that for safe keeping
Ya, I'd do it myself, but I'm a bit wary about the power problem. I mean, I could use a 9v jack, but then that defeats the purpose of a portable little amp.
I could also run it off a 4 pack of AA batteries, so it'd be 12V (more Headroom. Glee!)...but still, probably would still drain it fairly quick. It's a conundrum.
My builds going. . .unstartedly!
Mainly cos i havent ordered the parts yet, havent had the time, was with my girlfriend all day monday, then getting wasted all night monday, then recovering all tuesday, with my girlfriend wednesday and thursday was laxy as is today
I'll get onto ordering the stuff ASAP and I'll probably try to build it within the first two days of having the stuff.
ight before i order i need:
Audio power IC (LM386N-1)
casing (cigs packet in this case, my mum smokes so i have many at hand)
Capacitater things
Battery thing.
Wires, solder and stuff.

What are the specific names and stuff of everything else to get? (I'm stumped with searching these sites for battery things and stuff.)
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Because as i'm not sure on what it is exactly i need i THINK i may have what i need sorted, but i found most of the stuff after i posted >_<

Anyway is the stuff off the links and stuff what i need or is there anything else?
Umm sorry to pester but on the website I'm getting the stuff form (a couple of posts up) I cant seem to find inputs/outputs. . . i know i said i was getting them from axesrus but i couldnt trust that place much. . .plus they overprice the smallest things (£8 for an input)