About how much should it cost for me to get my guitar professionally set up? im just wondering so i dont get ripped off. All i want done is to get the guitar intonated, sheilded, and get some Steinberger gearless tuners one it. (which i would have baught before hand) and i just wat the action to be low as possible with no fret buzz... and anything else that a setup requiers. Anyhoo, just wonderin.
A big part of setup price depends on where you live. When I was in South Dakota I would charge $40 to adjust the intonation, action, and truss rod, as well as making sure all the moving parts were in good working order. If the guitar needs the nut to be slotted deaper, or if the guitar needed a fret dressing then the price went up by another $40 to $80 depending on how much work really needed done. If I was doing all the other work anyway I probably would have changed the tuners for free. I don't know how much I would have charged you for sheilding, never been asked to do it.

So all this stuff adds up. It could be as low as $50 or so, but it could be $150 or more. It all depends on what work they are actually doing to set up your guitar. Take it to a couple luthiers around where you live and see what they tell you.
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yea, it really depends on where you live, in california, that would be about 70 to 100 dollars.

your best bet is to call local shops and see what they charge
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If you want the lowest action you might want a PLEK set up (google it) costs a bit more but the results are terrific.. I had one of my guitars plek'd and it plays 10000000 times better (and it was a great playing guitar before!)

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thanks for the responses. I live in western Pennsylvania, about an hour north of Pittsburgh. I guess ill call around. thanks a bunch.

I know a guy who does it for 15. It is all accurate, too.
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