Im looking at buoilding a basic guitar from scratch (electric guitar)
First off I have no idea what im doing, (im reasonable at using the tools needed and have access to everything I need) but I have no idea how much wood etc. I need. I was looking at http://www.amwoodinc.com/us/woodFrame.html as to where to get wood from, but looking at their wood for musical instraments they seem to have a weird way of measuring it, so how much do I need? (2", 1"? I have no idea, looking to build a guitar similar size to fender telecasters)

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Warmouth seems a bit expensive as I was just looking to get a plank of wood and they charge $80 (im not good enough at woodwork to risk this amount)
Warwick Jazzman
Hartke 1415 140Watt
Boss Overdrive
Quote by guitarjunky89
A telecaster is almost 2" thick. It's a little over 2" actually.

Good Luck.

1 3/4 actually.

TS That site sells wood by the board foot. You work out the board foot using this formula.

Length(ft.) x Width(in.) x Thickness(in.)
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