Our schools holding a Talent Contest on the 15th, and we've entered our band into it.
(Yes, short notice).
However, we're kinda stuck about what song to choose, this is going to be our first time playing live, so please don't suggest anything like the Stairway To Heaven solo.

We're a three-piece, with me (lead guitarist), and my bassist doing lead vocals.

Oh yes, and our preferred style is rock/punk.

Thanks in advance.
Black Dog - Led Zeppelin

$Edit$: Or Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin
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Well it depends on your definition of "rock/punk". Do you mean real punk? Or. You know. The other kind.
Song 2 by Blur, it's easy and will always go down well with the crowds. Just make sure you do a good 'Woo hoo!'.
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Song 2 by Blur, it's easy and will always go down well with the crowds. Just make sure you do a good 'Woo hoo!'.

I agree.
yeah or smells like tten spirit, cept everyone in the world pretty much knows that song, so don't **** up eh?
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Fun and easy as hell.

I bet you I could play the solo with my rectum.

your on!
Foo fighters? Best of You would be good cuz alot of people know it but can your bassist scream for roughly 3:50 minutes?
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Do "The Hardest Button to Button" by the White Stripes, its real easy and catchy too
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well greenday is a given... um... im not too sure wat type of music ur into.... so its kinda hard to give you a good song... i noe you said rock/punk but that is kinda vauge

We're open to anything.
Other than Metal.
Not that we don't like it.
It's just none of us can growl. :/
Yeah ACDC, or some classic rock that the kids at your school listen to, our school sucks, all these losers just want to here fall out boys.

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Do a punk cover of a well known song. That usually goes over well.

i agree. especially if done right

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m m m m muse! depends how good your drummer is, but something early would be do-able i guess. that or steady as she goes by the raconteurs. good song, easy as fcuk.
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I also second the song by blur. Thats way fun and easy.
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like a stone by audioslave. I learned it in one day. cool solo, but make sure u have a whammy pedal to boost it up an octave.
rooster is another easy one. basically chords and an easy solo. One of my favorites