Metal obviusly.

But why not just listen to industrial metal?
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no on can really say that they hate either one cause both are essential to eachother. im glad no one came yet and bashed on either one.
I didn't know there was genre that was only industrial.

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Tell me when thy band shall return to mark a schedueled performance on my nearest venue's door!
Quoth teh Loomis, "Nevermore".

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I didn't know there was genre that was only industrial.

yea, manson is just industrial but one of the most stereo typical kinds, rich, snotty, scatty, and phucking anoying sometimes. the old static-x is the best example of great industrial music, like their songs, im with stupid, bled for days, and anything but this.
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what are your favorite industrial bands?

both a really snazzy, for me.

i love (old)static-x, god head and a number of other bands that i dont remember right now...
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NIN and Manson are the only "Industrial" artists that come to mind.

OH yea! i forgot NIN. they get old quick, i had something to say but i kept on misspelling it so i erased it