me and a friend of mine are going to be playing together at various venues, like 7 or 8 song sets. anyone have some suggestions as for what i should do/play to get my fingers warmed up before i play?

any help would be really appreciated, thanks.
The Spider!


Try to do it in different frets. Also try other finger combination like 1-2-4-3, etc...

BUT, should it be the case that you searched the lessons section, it wouldnt be necessary to create a new topic.
It's a good question. I do some stretches for the left hand and arpeggio patters for the right hand fingers. The older I've got, the quicker my hands get "cold" again. At gigs it takes me about a couple songs for me to get into the groove anyway. I avoid "song circles" because my fingers never warm up!

Good luck with the gigs!
check out the john petrucci rock disciple dvd on youtube or google video. it has a lot of great warmup-stretches
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