When I play songs like In my place from Coldplay or Layla from eric clapton, when I change strings, the string I leave still buzzes, how can you avoid this string noise ? Barre it ? When I see the guitarist of CP play it, he doesn't use a barre

How do you guys play such things ?

So when I've played the first 12/9/12, I change my fingers for the next 9/12/9/12 and in that change the G string keeps buzing because I got my pointer of and moved it to the 9 on the e string
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umm why are you leaving a string? change them all

i think he means when he's playing on one string, then plays on another and doesn't want the other one to still sound..

anyways, it's kinda hard to tell what you mean...
if you mean that the string still makes a note when you're not playing it, then mute the string(s) you don't need for that certain chord.
It's hard to explain when I can't show you how, just tell you how to do it.

If that's not what you mean, then I don't really know what you're talking about

edit: after reading your next post, i know what you mean..

you just have to practice not doing a pull off and making the open g string play, and try to mute it when you take your finger off it by taking your finger off about half way, then slower and straight upwards, so you don't make the string play open
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