I've heard once that Kiedis from the Chili Peppers uses some kind of special gear at life concerts to guarantee always the correct pitch. I think it's called harmonizer. Is that right? I've seen once a concert in german TV (Rockpalast) and they broadcasted it without any editing or something and yes he didn't always reach the correct pitch. Don't get me wrong I still think he's a great frontman...but somebody wants to tell me what great singer he is which doesn't fit to my experience...

So I'd like to have more information on that...

you may want to move this to the chili's thread before someone here eats you
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That's bollocks.

No singer uses that on stage, or even in the studio... I think you're confused with a vocoder that changes the pitch of the voice with a mini keyboard for cool sounds (listen to Christmas Time - Darkness and you can hear it sounds almost robotronic)

Wrong forum completely. I don't think that he's CR And yes there is a Chili Peppers thread already.
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I finally found what I was looking for - but I think you're more interested to get this thread deleted or moved to another forum so I won't tell you