Alright, I have no more than $1500 to spend (that's pushing it), and I really want a full stack, but sound comes before volume, so I would be content with a half stack if I had to. I was thinking of buying a cheapish amp with kind of a lame distortion (Crate GT1200H or any Marshall MG) and the cabs to go with them (I can get a full stack from crate for $700 at guitar center) and then, after I get the power, I could get a Boss GT-8 for modeling, which I thought would be pretty sweet. I play a lot of rhythm, and learning to play lead, but I will be playing styles from light punk to heavy metal, but I will be sticking somewhere at the hard rock level (Three Days Grace, P.O.D., heavier 10 years, Breaking Benjamin, etc...) for the band I'm in.

What would y'all recommend for this type of budget? A friend of mine (a really good guitarist) is a marshall and Hughes & Kettner person, and I like the sound of the Hughes & Kettner, but they are a little too over my budget. I know not to get the Marshall MG series, but what about the cabs? Are they that bad too, or what?

Any help/ideas would be useful, thanks in advance.
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Get a good used head, TUBE. SS heads are worthless, IMO. The MG cabs are shit...absolute shit. Dont cheap out dude. Try to find some good deals on used gear.
you dont need a full stack if your playing venues that are huge.
more oftewn than not a Combo will do.
but a 1/2 stack will esaily cover anything.

look into tube combos.
laney, peavey, marshal.

you can look used for cheaper.

if you want the stack way
still look used, and buy a used cab for sure.
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Peavey windsor. $400 head, $400 each 4x12. That's $1200 full stack if my public school math serves me right. And it's tube, and it's a JCM800 wannabe. Not too shabby.
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Don't buy a full stuck, you don't need it. Get a great tube combo or at most a half stack.
i'm not very experienced with buying guitar stuff since i'm still fairly new to it (a year and 5 months) but IMO you could find something much better with 1500$ than a cheap SS stack. get a nice tube head and a cab or a combo. i'm sure you'll get lots of good recomendations here.
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hmm.. A Line6 Flextone would be very nice.

and maybe a Hughes and Kettner Switchblade..
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Don't get a Solid State amp head. Solid States are for practicing if you ask me, if you want real tone get an all tube head. You get a used Peavey 5150 for ~5 or 600 and they supply some killer tone for what you're looking for. Check ebay or local used gear shops, they're sure to have one.

As for cabinets, the MGs are notoriously shitty. I have a VOX 412 cabinet that I got for $350 and considering the price it actually sounds pretty decent, although you could definetely do better.
Ok, I got to try out a Hartke head today, it sounded like crap, and a Peavey XXL, which sounded pretty good. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to crank up the volume in there, but it was a good volume and I had a whole lot to play with. I liked the fact that it was three channel, and each one had 3 different tone options, plus the usual stuff.

If by some odd chance I were to go with that head, what cab should I get for a half stack?
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I really dont like the XXL...at all. I would rather have an MG, TBH. The XXL is WAY overpriced. Dude seriously, skip on SS heads.
For this type of music, I will agree that ss is not what you want, eventhough I am the #1 supporter of solid state. Check out the peavey windsor or maybe valveking. SS is best for really heavey stuff.
alright, I will make sure I get a tube head (IF I like the sound of it!), and yeah, the XXL was WAY overpriced. Any other suggestions?
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For your tastes...a used Peavey 6505 with maybe a used Marshall 1960A cab. If you play your cards right you can swing that easily for under $1500.
not sure if a 6505 matches the type of music he wants to play. Thats a really high gain amp and 3 days grace, pod, and breaking benjamin isnt that heavy..
Quote by ESPjohn666
not sure if a 6505 matches the type of music he wants to play. Thats a really high gain amp and 3 days grace, pod, and breaking benjamin isnt that heavy..

It's funny, actually. I LOVE the ultra heavy stuff, but the other guys in the band are more into punk, so we compromised. Heck, I love almost all styles of rock, and the more I can get on one head, the better.
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Quote by kurdtkobaign
Maybe the B-52 AT100?

Hmmmm, I'll have to look into that one and the 6505, I can find the B-52 easy at Guitar center.

thanks everyone!
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you wont notice much difference in sound from a half to a full stack, it just sounds more full rather than louder. . .

i gt my JSX half stack for 1200, new cab, used head. if you went the same route i did, you can easily have 500+ for a cab.
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Peavey Valveking?

Good cleans. Weak distortion. Fair price.
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I'd definitely go with a peavey tube amp... much better than anything in the MG line. I own an MG head and am looking to get rid of it soon... the tone pisses me off quite a bit. I got it when I joined my last band that lasted several months, needed an amp to cut it volume-wise, but now i'm regretting that and getting money saved up to get something with a non-garbage tone. I've personally played a 6505, and i'd have bought it then and there if i had the money.
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Peavey Ultra head for about 300 (probably less) on eBay.
Then get a really, really nice cab. Like a Framus, Genz Benz G-Flex, etc.
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