Aaron Barret (Reel Big Fish FTW!) uses a purple Les Paul in this video. Anyone know what model it is? I checked Gibson.com, but nothing.
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Probably a custom shop model

Ya thats what I was thinking.
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More than likely a custom shop, and definitely not a Goddess.

*EDIT* Or it could actually be a Les Paul Gem
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It's either a 1992 Les Paul Classic....or a 1990 Les Paul Coulors Limited Edition. There were only a few hundred of the Coulors made in that purple.......I don't know how many of the 92 Classics were made in purple. I can't really see the guitar in the video that well to tell you which guitar it is.....but if you can make it out...the difference between the 2 above guitars are:

The 1992 Classic is flame top...chrome hardware and no pickup covers.
The 1990 Coulors is gold hardware...and does have pickup covers.

I have only seen one of each in person (I have a 1992 Classic in purple)....and I have only seen a few online......they are both pretty rare.
Actually I'm not too sure if its a Gibson at all - look at the headstock, the shape is different I think
I'm not sure, but I know I've seen Tokai Love Rocks in that colour, so if you want a quality guitar in that sort of finish, then that's the way I'd point you. Much better bang:buck ratio.
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Is that really a Gibson?. That flame maple looks AA, AAA tops.
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... Gibson use AA and AAA flame maple tops on everything, so yes. There's no reason to question that. The fact it has 'Gibson' on the Gibson-shaped headstock would suggest it is a Gibson too.