Okay, here's the deal... I've started a bit of a "garage band". We all know a smattering of Metallica, Anthrax, Black Label Society, Pantera, Pink Floyd, and Black Sabbath songs. Other than that, I've learned a few riffs from death metal songs (Amon Amarth, Hypocrisy, In Flames, ect).

The good news: We can all play at least proficiently.
The bad news: We aren't good at playing as a group.

I've played on my own, but I have no experience in trying to play in a band setting (and most of us have fallen into the trap of knowing lots of riffs, but few whole songs)... Any suggestions on how we can get more, I don't know, cohesive?

Thanks in advance, and terribly sorry if this was the wrong forum. Please don't flame me to death.
u guys just gotta play MORE together, adn then u guys will start to learn about eachother and itll start to flow

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nah, seriously though: the way that i got my band(s) to play productively with whole songs is with guitar pro, we individually learn the parts meet together the next day and jam with what we learned.
basically just play together as often as possible, make sure your drummer is keeping tiome right, and obviously, practice
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I think you should all start off by getting a metronome, and training your ears. This is very important if you want to make sure you can play in harmony. Start off easily. Don't immedialty try some Pantera or BLS songs and such.
play easy songs to focus on tightness
play another genre if u need to get the tightness down

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follow your drummer.dont stop if you make a mistake.

the tips are the same for every genre be it metal or whatever.the same basic rules apply.
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First find out who the weakest link... find something they know. Try to learn it yourself, take it slow step by step until your at the songs correct tempo. At that point, add the vocals.

Once your band learns a song, other songs usually click.