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Hello. If you would like to here some interesting guitar-based music. Go to my page on pure volume ( and listen to my music. The first song is more of a jazzy style kind of like frank zappaish and the second one starts slow and strange but transitions into more of a metal song. Tell me what you think. I would appreciate comments and critique, and if you don't like it... tell me what to change not just that it's terrible because everyone gets that. Thanks and enjoy the music because that's the whole point!
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Yeah. Thanks. I'll check yours out. I'm getting ready to add two more songs in just a few minutes, so you can see how you like those. I know I can be a little sloppy, but I think sometimes that is a more emotional way of playing and it sounds better than being like dragonforce or something. Thanks for your help and I'll tell you what I think of your music in a little bit. I listened to Bing for a little, but my comp messed up. It sounded pretty cool from what I heard.
I really like your playing and style, It reminds me of my own instrument-only songs.[BTW I haven't put too many of my recordings up yet] I think The drums and guitar sound great. How did you record them?
What did you use you distort the guitar in these songs (amp?), it sounds good.
Oh and square circle is an awesome song, i liked the soloing and the effects a the end reminded me of Muse
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thanks for the crit, anyways i liked how to measure time alot the lead was awesome and the drums went along with it real well. square circle was prolly my favoritest. pretty much all ur songs sound good and the lead on all of them sound great u r a very accomplished guitarist.keep it up
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I couldn't hear your songs. I think this compy is just being a piece of junk. Sorry I would have liked to listen.
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Thank you all a lot. The effect at the end of square circle is just a reverse and I'm tremolo picking the route note of the chord. As for the distortion, it's straight off my amazingly awesom peavey Valveking combo (I love that amp). for the drums...I'll admit it. I used hydrogen because I don't have a drumset at my house but I made sure they sounded semi-realistic. I like all of your music, too, and i would love to hear some more from elementskater7s (sean?). Thanks for the crit and keep up the music!
Circle Square- wow, It started well but it gone to self-masturbation, the drums were kinda, bleh...I don't like that kind of fast music, not my style, but I do like the slower stuff, the quality of sound is way better than my shit..
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yeah man ill put soem more up son, i ahve tons of ideas, jsut none of them are polished enough to put up
I liked rising sun. The first solo is good, second is ok, but i disliked the third. I think after the intro, sing into it go wild for a while see what happens. Strong voice in that would be excellent.
I listened to Wash Me Away and How to Measure Time, I liked both of them.

On Wash Me Away I think that you were a little sloppy and you seemed to get fast too soon; You know what I mean?

In How to Measure Time I especially liked the tapping section, you really nailed that, and the tremolo stuff around 1:00 was sweet too, the only issue I had was that you seemed a little sloppy at certain parts in the song, like the transitions between sections(but then again, who am I to talk?); All together you seem like a really talented guitarist and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your music, just clean things up a bit;

Who did your drums man? Was it just a machine? It sounded a little too real to be a machine, but idk;


EDIT: Just listened to Square Circle; Amazing! This is definitely my favorite track, I love how everything is tranquil and then BAM! in your-freakin-face; Nice job man! you did a nice job on the whole reversing thing too, with the effect, that was done really well, nice job!
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Thanks. The drums aren't real, though. I don't have a drum set at my house so I use Hydrogen, and I just import a wave file into audacity. Maybe the transfer of the file from hydrogen-wav-mp3 takes away some of the unrealisticness of it. Is that a word? Who cares. Hydrogen is a pretty good program. Wash Me Away is kind of old and recorded with old stuff, so it's poorer quality. I may re-record it and it is pretty sloppy because it's older. And also, to jagstang270, thank you because I didn't really like that song very much (especially the drums) except for the reversed part and it is too shreddy, but everyone else said they liked it so I kept it on their. I may humanize the drums a little morebecause that is an option on Hydrogen. Thank you all, and put links to your music on here because I would love to hear any and all of it.
Not really my style but the guitar playing is very good and creative. I probably wouldn't like hardly anything without vocals though. I think square circle would be really good if you added some.
I think that this is really cool. I like the acoustic clicking strum, and the way the 2 guitars are juxtaposed together.

Some of the lead parts were a bit out, and didn't fit the groove the backing was giving off, but it'd really just be practice to get it together in all the places.
i like the rythm in our songs, especially the rising sun song. what i don't like is the fast hammer on pull-off solo section, you should do the solo in a low , soft tempo with slow sweet bends. good work!
very nice...i like the way you cover more than just one style, maybe i haven't expanded my horizons enough, but i've never heard 2 guitars with such different gain levels mix so basically you've shown me something new, nice job
How To Measure Time:
Thought this was really cool. I like the jazzy guitar at the beginning and the lead parts sound very good. As some people have already said, some of the lead is sloppy and going out of time, so might be worth sitting down with a metronome for a few of these parts to get them spot on then recording them again. Loving the wah at the very end.

The Rising Sun:
Really like that lead part in the pause about a minute into the song. This ones a lot more interesting than the first song, since the lead parts are changing a bit more, rather than just ascending/descending scales.

Wash Me Away:
Not sure if this one is suited to an instrumental. The backing part (clean guitar playing chords) would sound great under some vocals in a song!!

Square Circle:
I'm liking this one. Something I think is really original. Heavier stuff suits you're shred solo style a lot more than the jazzy stuff. If you could combine this with one of your jazzy things and find a singer you could make some amazing stuff. The clean part in this song isn't bad, but I have to say I prefer the clean backing to the first to songs rather than this

Hope this is some help to you!
i like it. Jazz ain't quit my cup of tea, but you it does have a real king crimson/ frank zappa feel to it. My only real criticism is that the overdubs in some of the sections get a bit muddy. Maybe try messing with compression and frequency cut off. Or do the Jimmy Page thing and make the guitar tone as thin as possible. But other than the tone clashing, it was great. The square circle kicks ****ing ass man. Keep it up.
This is good stuff. My favorite was The Rising Sun, the soloing throughout was very good and varied. Kept me interested.

Your greatest strength is your ability to keep someone interested not just with a single song, but also from song to song. All of these songs are drastically different from each other, but all of them are very good. Very creative ideas popping up all over the place.

Your weakness is that sometimes your lead playing is a little sloppy... nothing that can't be fixed. Also I kept wishing the guitars sounded better! What were you using to record? Your stuff is good enough to warrant an upgrade, I want to hear what your tone really sounds like.
How to measure time sounded like you hit a few off notes but for the most part I liked it. Rising Sun had an overall pretty cool feel to it. It sounds like you did all the soloing on these in one take. I would have gone back and made it perfect, but thats me. Anyways, good stuff.
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the rising sun: wow right away shows off some nice guitaring! i like that little lead. the bass is really good too is that you or is it programmed? Damn I'm liking the guitar maybe a little more powerful tone though would make it sounds more full. Yeah, deff when the song changes to that more metal lead it needs more distortion than you are using. Other than that though i think its really good!!! you should find a good band to play with!
No, man I played the bass! I love bass and your the first person to say something about it, but all my songs are kinda focused around it. I think people are more focusing on the guitar. Thanks for the crit. Keep it up everyone. You guys are all great and really helpful!
Dude, How to Measure Time was really cool, excellent playing. It sounded trippy, that was a cool idea. thanks for critting mine
Thanks for critting mine. Your's sound very good but sometimes the backround instruments seemed to clash at certain points. But I'm pretty sure you wanted it like that so it's very well planned. Good job.
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Pretty good stuff man...........I myself am a home studio guy..........but im still getting used to my new setup..........u try making a spider sound just kidding......what ever your doing for recording is working pretty well.......anyway plz check out my new song its at the top............I think u had tryed but u said that Dmusic doesnt work well on yuor comp so im making it downloadable just for u if its not to much trouble...........thanx
How to Measure Time was my fav...

really cool guitar bonds,, you've really written the parts well

it was crazy how the songs turned around soo smoothly in all the parts
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I'm listening to how to measure time i really think that you should have slowed it down the soloing i mean the chords in the backround don't call for shredding in the first couple of seconds i was all ready to listen to some groovy jazz but then all this fast playing came in i dont want to say it ruined it for me but....... it did. just keep slow IMO

I'm listening to your other songs and i like the chord progressions in it just some of the soloing is uncalled for with these types of chords some of that fast stuff would be perfect with rock chords though its just my opinion though im not trying to say this is how it should be or anything because everyone has their own tastes but still i like your chord progressions they are the best part of the songs for me
Very interesting music.

As others said it was kind of sloppy. But its very nice anyway i do think that the fast soloing fits in ,in how to measure time.
Yeah. A lot of jazz and fusion has fast shred-like soloing. I don't know if you are unfamiliar with the genre, or maybe you've just never heard anything like it (mission accomplished). Thank you all for your critique. I checked out some of your videos evil magician. They were all cool. You are good. Keep it up. Keep crittin' and thanks a ton to all.
Thanks for my crit. I will do my absolute best to crit yours. "How to Measure Time": Eh, it was ok. I didn't really like the beginning, and the guitar seemed a little sketchy. "The Rising Sun": Awesome, everything. The title is great, the guitar is really good (really awesome playing), and everything just fits great. Also, I really liked the bass licks. Great job on this song. "Wash Me Away": It's very relaxed and the guitar reminds me much of Frampton. I must hand it to you, you know how to impress on guitar. This one too was great. "Sqare Circle": Wow, you really changed genre here. I didn't really like the beginning. It was creative, but I just think a different intro would be better. The guitar parts are still good. The end is a little to repetive for me though.

Well, overall you are very talented. My favorites are Rising Sun and Wash Me Away, but the other two could be better maybe with a little work. Great job.
Dude, I'm listening to Rising Sun right now, and am enjoying it very much. You're obviously pretty talented. The lead is really nice, and, unlike other songs, not repetitive. This is what an instrumental should be like, enjoyable without lyrics. It's got a lot of feel to it and seems like you weaved in plenty of different styles. Nice job, man.

Thanks for critiquing mine, too.
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