'tallica all the way...i like maiden, but metallica's better IMO...or, WAS better i mean
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I Believe That Metallica Is The Best Metal Band Ever...but I Have Grown With Maiden
There Are Amazing...
I used to love metallica, now i only love the stuff before re-load. i used to love maiden..............actually, i only used to like Powerslave. it is a lie to say that either is better than the other, but it is only the truth to say that metallica kicks more ass.
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I'd have to choose the EARLY Metallica over Maiden. But Maiden is still damn good too.

(fyi, choosing between Judas Priest and Iron Maiden would be for a better poll)
Man St.anger Sucks... A Matter Of Life And Death Is A Good Album. Do You Believe That They Are Going To Make Sth Good With Rick Rubin?
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hit the nail on the head he did

i would have to say metallica any day if i was made too
damn hard i dont know..... i think metallica inspired me more but maiden i can just listen to any time and never get tired of!
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