I use both, i like fingers but when i play punk it sounds better with a pick. Is it better to stick to one or use both?
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i agree with cliff, its good to know how to do both, just use whichever style fits the music your playing. i persoanlly find that when playing metal or punk stuff i use a pick, but for solo stuff and jazzy kinda stuff i use fingers.
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its waaaaaaaaaay better to know both! and fyi theres nothing that you shouldnt do just because other people dont or whatever.. however you play just play!
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If you're not going to use it, don't waste your time perfecting one versus the other, but its good to have a foundation of knowledge for both.
You should know how to do both. I find it easier to play with my fingers though so I mostly play songs like that but if needed, I can use a pick.
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Most punk and alternative are predominately pick. But learn both--they each have their places and uses as stated above.
Ya learn both. It gives a different sound and if you can master each of those, you will be better off in the long run.
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I sometimes play my lead guitarists guitar and i dont use a pick. I dont really like using a pick but thats my opinion.Do wat feels comfortable for u.
I hate the sound of a pick, but thats just me. Its good to know both though.
You should be able to do both I think.

For example, if you play punk rock, and your school or something wants you to play something jazzy, a pick will sound out of place a lot of the time.

Or if you play mostly finger style, and something happens to your calluses right before a gig, you'll enjoy being able to still play with a pick.
both, i hatr the close minded fools that say ppicks are teh suck. its good to know how to use both and to apply them to musical situations where one is going to sound better than another. its always good to know more than to only know one thing and limit yourself as a bassist
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Real bassists play with picks. Fingers are for wannabes.

lol! So according to that, James Jamerson, John Entwistle, Geddy Lee, Jaco, Victor Wooten, and Flea aren't real bassists?
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Real bassists play with picks. Fingers are for wannabes.

LOL siged but anyways.To be a true bassists it does not matter if you use picks or if u use finger.Like i said with ever u feel most comfortable with.Using a pick does not make u bad bassist nor does it make u a wanna be.Same going with fingers.
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lol! So according to that, James Jamerson, John Entwistle, Geddy Lee, Jaco, Victor Wooten, and Flea aren't real bassists?

Pssh....My pick eats Victor Wooten for brunch, with a side of cantaloupe and James Jamerson. Geddy Lee just wished he could us a pick, and Jaco can't even play straight 8ths! Lawlzors!!!?!uno!!!one?!
Why do people ask these kinds of questions? It's not like if you use a pick, your dick will shrivel or something.

Just practice using both picks and fingers; they both produce a diff sound, one of which may suit a song better.

Imagine playing a really heavy, rhythmic song with fingers - it can be done but it doesn't feel as satisfying than slamming the strings with a pick. Plus, the pick will probably make your tone stand out more.
im pretty good at playing with a pick, i use it because i play fast punk songs and i need to cut through the guitar. i am however, learning how to play with my fingers since i want to become the best at bass as i can possibley be and learning to slap and play with my fingers is what i feel i want to do.
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I play with a band with a pick, but practice with my fingers.

Practice with my fingers... hehe
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