Just don't stop drinking. Ever. I promise you'll never get a hangover. Oh, and try not to pass out.
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Water + vitamin c + big greasy fry up should do the trick.

Yeah, the water thing. Maybe throw it up too. Might work if you're already wasted that night.
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Drink loads and loads of water before you sleep.


For every drink that I consume I normally drink its equivalency in water. Ex. Have a beer, drink 10-12oz of water. Thats what I do. It helps a ton
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eat a lot and it will absorb the alcohol
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Smoke weed afterwards.

Okay, that might not prevent a hangover, but it's a lot of fun.
Taking a multivitamin, eating some food, and drinking lots of water. You get hang overs in the morning because you get so dehidrated and you lose a lot of minerals.
dont mix drinks, and as a basic rule, the darker the drink, the worse the hangover. it may sound like an old wives' tale, but its true - brandy, whisky and red wine are bad, white wine, gin and vodka are better (if not 'good').
Drinking water is the best thing to do by far - preventative maintenence is the key.

Eating is a close second, which could be easy or hard depending on how you react to alcohol - some people puke a lot, some don't.
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Drink a pint or watever then drink some watter adn keep doing that but that makesd it alot harder to get drunk
drink lots of water, go for the toilet a lot.

and also eat bread/bread rolls. really sobers you up fast.
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Drink water (already been said by pretty much everyone)
I figured that Ryvita (rice cake things) are really good at preventing hangovers, so's bread
And don't go to sleep until you feel sober again!
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This is what I have found to work, pregame with a bottle of water or so, just to know that you were hydrated before you started. After you get drunk and the party is winding down, get yourself more water. A couple of bottles should do the trick. One of the keys is to know when you don't need to drink anymore booze. A lot of people make the mistake to keep drinking after they are hammered. Also when you go to pass out for the night leave a bottle of water next to you. When you wake up for the first time you will definitly feel dehydrated and having some water will help. If you are really hurting go pop an aspirin and try to pass back out for a bit. A good meal and tons of water throughout the day will day will definitly make things easier. Oh and one more thing don't forget to eat before you plan on drinking. If you skip dinner and drink, you are going to get too drunk and hurt like hell the next morning.

Also those who said smoke some weed the next day are not far from the truth it defintly will kill the headache, but if that is not an option just follow the rules above.
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