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The true hendrix thread. This is for anyone who wants to discuss Hendrix, share ideas for playing his stuff, or share any rare material.

Anyone hendrix fans out there?
Anyone hendrix fans out there?

you are on a guitarists forum dude

there are plently of hendrix fans out there

but there can never be enough
who the hell is jimi hendrix? naw just kiddin, my fav song is red house, it's badass
I like 'em, wish he were arround... listening to Funeral for a Friend (Dream Theater), I think I'll dedicate this pushing of the play button to Hendrix.
Hendrix is great. I learned Purple Haze today. Damn, it's so great playing his stuff...
I think my favorite song would have to be Little Wing. For a 2:25 song, it can completely change my day just by listening to it. When I die, that's how I want to go.
Jimi just makes that guitar scream. Amen to Little Wing. By the way, speaking of Hendrix, has anyone heard his version of 'House of the Rising Sun'? THAT is my fav Jimi song. If you havent heard it, you have to. Now.
hendrix isnt god but he's good, and yea i'm a fan
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Yeah, Hendrix rocks. Star Spangled Banner. 'Nuff said.
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Yeah, Hendrix rocks. Star Spangled Banner. 'Nuff said.

I HATE the Star Spangled Banner. Gahhh

It's just personal preference, but to me it just doesn't sound good.

Actually, I don't really like his soloing in general, I prefer his rhythm playing by far.
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Yeah, I think his backround for his verses and choruses are his best stuff. It's just ingenious the way he can take chords and completely make them his own.
His Star Spangled Banner is something that I'll listen to once in a while, but it's way overrated.
its a crying shame his drunkass girlfriend let him die asleep, on his back, drowning in vomit, instead of saving his life like previous girls he slept with, anyway, in my opinion page>hendrix but hendrix would be the best if he hadnt died so young

and as for you folks who say his riffs> his solos, true his riffs were great but i love his solos as well
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Not bad.
The thing that pisses me off, though, is that all the quotation marks (" ") show up as question marks
I'll read your essay later tonight.

I also dislike Star Spangled Banner (much in the same way I dislike practically anything he did live).
Add my name to the list of people who thinks the Star-Spangled Banner is extremely overrated.

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I'll read your essay later tonight.

I also dislike Star Spangled Banner (much in the same way I dislike practically anything he did live).

that was when hendrix was at his best. his live performances were pure raw emotion. if you havent seen it check out little wing at albert hall
i know you cant see anything, but the playing just blows your mind. Also one of the best solos of all time for the people who dont like his soloing.

too bad they took the rest of the concert of youtube because all the songs were better than their studio version.
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My fave hendrix song would have to be "Villanova Junction"........ I like the live at woodstock version the most, but the album is also awesome...
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Yeah, but it makes me feel like an illiterate dumbass with all those "typos"
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Honestly, I'm not too big of a fan of his Star Spangled Banner. It's not bad, but a lot of people make it sound amazing.

I agree, but I don't think Star Spangled Banner was supposed to sound good, or have any special musical qualities. It did in a sense though, because the point was to desecrate the anthem, that is how I see the song.
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I never really liked Purple Haze...

*runs away screaming*

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Meh. With the quality that I like to get before turning out something, I find recording covers just takes too much effort. If I was just recording a guitar track it wouldn't be too bad.

Has anyone here tried to get something similar to Jimi's tone by stringing a Strat the wrong way?
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My Favorite Jimi Hendrix song is Stone Free. I Think Jimi is a good guitarist
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I like most of Hendrix's work....and In my opinion Electric Ladyland Album is nothing less than sheer genious.

On a different note, I'm pissed at that cell phone commercial for ruining "Fire".

As for stringing a guitar the wrong way, seems like you'd need a wrong-handed guitar unless you were ambidextrous (I think that's the right word) .
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Dimebag Darrel > Hendrix

They're both two completely different guitarists with completely different styles who cannot be compared to one another.
That said, I prefer Hendrix. I am not a big fan of Dimebag Darrell's brand of music.
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