i just got the cube 30, and i'm not getting any distortion at all, gain is all the way up, am i just making a stupid mistake?
it's not on JC clean, i have it on lead, classic stack.
i must be stupid or something cause i still don't know what to do..
if you ahve some of the controls zero'd turn them up?

if i use my lead channel with no gain its just quiet, as is some of my other equpitment with the treble and bass controls etc
i turned everything above zero and it still sounds clean.
i pressed the button to switch channels, the red light by lead is on.
is the volume up, the volume on your guitar, nothing left into any jacks etc like teh headphone one [sounds stupid but even if you leave an adapter i nthere it'll cut it]?
i turned the volume up more, and i guess it's fine now though...sorry about this stupid question..
kinda weird that i don't get any distortion until a certain point in the volume though...or maybe i'm just not used to it.
nah it's ok asking questions is how you find things out, and a lot of the ppl on here are helpful (I think)
When I use my Cube, I get the best distortion if the volume on my guitar is all the way up.
i had my guitar volume all the way up, and still nothing was happening, i had to turn up the volume on the amp to actually get some distortion.
hmm did you have it really low? At least you're getting it now.
I have the Cube 60, and I like the way it still sounds good at fairly low volume, and I guess it would be similar for the Cube 30.
Not at really low volume though, if that's wat u had
to get some distortion i had it at a little less than 1/4 of the way. but i keep my volume kind of low