Hi all, i am part of a band called Silent Smiles and we are looking for a singer whos willing to take part in a commited band.
I myself am the rhythm guitarist and me and the band are looking for a singer who will be commited to us to hopefully get the band off the ground.
So if u're a pretty gd singer and ur intrested then plz get bk 2 me cuz the sooner the better lol.
Also we dont want any screamo or emo singers because the band isnt going to be doing any of the music, and also we are writing our own material.

Thanx for reading this and hopefully u'll reply

We're a mostly original band at current, with about twenty songs written for lyrics and nine written for music. Constantly tweaking them and advancing them. Majorly influenced by bands like Muse and Deep Purple. I play Lead Guitar and I'm also the major songwriter.