Hello, I've been recording for some time now, I tend to use Fruity loops for my drum patterns. Recently though, my motherboard melted. I'm looking to know how people use midi drums in recordings, when I use my Cakewalk program midi won't export with the audio, how does one do that? If I'm not around please PM me.
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MIDI drums suck unless you know how to program them well and use them to trigger sounds that are any good. The best way is to figure out what makes live drums sound like live drums and sequenced drums to (mostly) sound like bad 80's dance music. Work with velocity and placement variations and definitely work with minute tempo variations within a song. You also need to consider that no drummer ever strikes the hi-hat and the snare/kick at the exact same time for any length of time and that lack of variation will make things sound boring and repetitive.

You'll also need a decent setup of samples to play back what you've programmed so that you can render the MIDI tracks in audio (or use an instrument track or whatever they're called in Cakewalk). Somewhere from 4-7 velocity layers produce a nice result and any kind of left/right variation when playing many successive hits on the same drum is very welcome.